Everything is coming to an end in 15 seconds. You have limited time to accomplish your deeds. A loose and late entry to Ludum Dare 28, themed 10 seconds.

Inspired by Martin Jonasson's rymdkapsel and was made without permission. This is not affiliated with grapefrukt or rymdkapsel in anyway.

My first publicized project ever, September 2013.


  1. Child saviour: Get the child from the ledge, and bring him to the quarters (orange).
  2. Undaunted Patriot: Rebuild the weapon room (blue) and hold a weapon in the last moment.
  3. And The Band Played On: Rebuild all the three corridors (brownish tan) within one play session.
  4. Productivity Problem Solver: Rebuild the corridor (brownish tan) between the kitchen (yellow) and the garden (green). Then bring all the vegetables (green items found in the garden) to the kitchen to be processed. All in one play session.
  5. Escapist: Rebuild the Escape Pod Launcher (purple). This requires two packs of energy (cyan), two packs of material (red) and one pack of food (yellow). Then reach the outer tip of the structure before the timer runs out.
  6. Romantic Pessimist: Spend time at the Observatory (light blue) in the last moment.
  7. Romantic Pessimist Plus: Spend 13 seconds at the Observatory (light blue). This requires reaching the Observatory as soon as possible and staying there.
  8. Vault Dweller Wannabe: Deliver two packs of food (yellow item) to the bottom-most quarter (orange). Stay next to the inhabitant there in the last moment.

To build a structure, just carry the necessary resources and touch the construction site and all necessary components are met.

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AuthorJuno Nguyen
Made withConstruct
TagsAbstract, artgame, fate, hipster, Minimalist, Space

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